Melhorando a qualidade do servico nos taxis de Dubai

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After years of public complaints about Dubai’s taxi service and its drivers, city roads officials are giving passengers a means to get their unhappy experiences off their chest.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a new public survey in taxi cabs via electronic devices that are strapped to the headrests of the front seats. A taxi driver who declined to be identified, told XPRESS that the electronic survey machine in his vehicle was installed in recent days and had been in constant use by passengers.

“Everyone is using it,” the driver said. “This is good because people can complain this way instead of yelling at the drivers.”

The survey asks five questions and respondents seated in the rear of the taxi can select from options ranging from “totally satisfied” to “totally dissatisfied”.

With the touch of the screen and a beep, each question is recorded and tracked by survey firm CFS Middle East, contracted by RTA to compile data and submit a report on customer satisfaction.

Electronic responses are “fed back daily to the CFS secure data point” and “consolidated from all locations and the analysis begins”.

When enough data is compiled in early stages, the RTA will be provided with an opportunity where “trends are identified more quickly and appropriate action can be taken in a timely fashion – further reducing costs”.

Dubai Shopping Festival (15Jan-15Fev, 2009)

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DO….Buy, Compre!! Com promocoes enlouquecedoras (de ate 75%) por toda a cidade, esta sendo quase impossivel resisitir e NAO comprar! Ate mesmo as melhores marcas do mundo, tais como:Loro Piana, YSL, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci, Chloe, Shanghai Tang, Sax 5th Avenue, Dior, Ermenegildo Zegna, Armani, etc…. estao ofereceno o mesmo tipo de desconto!!! Deus meu, to enlouquecendo!

Al Ain Aerobatic Show (28-31Jan, 2009)

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O evento mais arrepiante do planeta, com incriveis aeronaves!!! Ocorrera em Al Ain, uma pequena cidade ha 1 hora de distancia de Dubai. Vale a pena uma visita com a sua familia!

Dubai Food Festival (1-14Fevereiro, 2009)

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Prepare “sua boca” para duas semanas de espetaculo gastronomico, pois este evento trara as melhores comidas de toda e qualquer parte do mundo, com mostras dos chefes-celebridades cozinhando ao vivo e a cores, bazares de comidas e shows!

Dubai Desert Classic

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Este tradicional Campeonato de Golf (PGA), que acontece anualmente no Emirates Golf Club, ja esta rolando desde o dia 26 deJaneiro ate o dia 2 de Fevereiro….O Premio? $ 3.6 milhoes!!!Isso nao eh MUITO, se considerarmos o moemnto de crise economica mundial??! So mesmo em Dubai!

Monorail no The Palm

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O Monorail do The Palm, o 1º do Oriente Medio, ja foi devidamente testado e estara aberto ao publico a partir de abril de 2009. A jornada que sera da Estacao no tronco do The Palm para o Aquaventure (Atlantis) tem a distancia de 5.45km e levou somente 8 minutos.(Veja Album Acontecimentos)

Neve no Emirados Arabes Unidos!

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Na noite de ontem, num emirado bem pertinho de Dubai, chamado Ras Al Khaimah (aprox. 1 hora daqui), na regiao de Jebel Jais, a temperatura chegou a -3ºC!!!…e tudo amanheceu coberto de neve, alias com 10cm de neve! Da para acreditar? Isso, com certeza devido ao tal “Global Warming” !(vaje album Acontecimentos)

Inverno no Oriente Medio

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Ha quem pense que nao tem inverno por aqui, que passamos calor o ano todo…mas isso nao eh verdade! (infelizmente!)
No momento, 2a. quinzena de janeiro estamos tendo MUITA chuva e temperaturaturas de 12C pela manha e noite, e durante o dia em torno de 23C, bem mais agradavel!

Water travel to reduce Dubai’s road congestion – RTA

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WATER TRAVEL: The waterways of Dubai will offer an alternative travel route, said the RTA on Tuesday. Getty Images).Dubai’s marine transportation industry will help reduce road congestion once several related projects are completed, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) claimed on Tuesday.

The claims comes in the wake of several new projects lauched last year inlcuidng Ferry Dubai and water taxi projects.

The former involves establishing four ferry stations around Dubai, while the taxi initiative is expected to cut road traffic by carrying passengers along emirate’s water canals and creeks.

Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, CEO of RTA Marine Agency, said the schemes were introduced following a study of Dubai’s water transport links.

“The achievements realised were an outcome of feasible and constructive proposals to restructure marine mass transit lines at the operational level,” he said.

“This covered four key aspects; namely the volume of demand, length of the route and trip time, navigational features, and operational features; which includes the cost of purchase, operation and maintenance of various boat types.”

Motorised abras (small, Arabic boats), whic hwillform part of the water taxi scheme, would be able to carry a maximum of 20 people, while manual ones would have room for five passengers, the RTA said.

When finished, the project will have 27 stations in various locations along Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina and the coast.

The Ferry Dubai scheme will have four pick up points – Gold Souk Station, Ghubaiba Station, City Center Station and Union Square Station.

Meanwhile, a $1.6m Marine Security and Safety Services Project, also introduced last year, will reduce the risks of travelling by water.

The project covers towing and tugging boats, refueling, battery check ups and emergency repairs.

As part of the scheme, RTA Marine Agency will provide seafarers maritime support services and educational programmes.

Vida nova aos 40 para o Queen Elizabeth2

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QE2 chief executive Manfred Ursprunger.QE2 chief executive Manfred Ursprunger outlines the gargantuan project ahead now that the iconic ocean liner has arrived at its final port of call in Dubai at the distinguished age of 40.

What is your role in the QE2 project?

I am the chief executive for QE2 Enterprises with Nakheel Hotels. I came here about one year ago and was charged with setting up the company and developing the business plan and vision for this project.

It is easy to slip into a theme park model, so we have to keep on our toes.What are some of the first issues you had to address?

This is a 40-year old vessel and typically in ships of that age, the main thing that needs to be renewed to be viable is the level of comfort – the air conditioning for example.

The QE2 was built for trans-Atlantic voyages, but Dubai’s climate obviously requires much stronger cooling equipment. The other thing is plumbing; that’s typically the Achilles heel for a ship at that age, along with electricity. These are the kind of things that are being addressed from a technical point of view.

We also looked at the various refurbishments the ship had undergone over the years. As a result there are a lot of areas that are no longer within the philosophy of the original vision for the ship.

So we identified the areas on the ship that we felt were still very close to the original design and we said those we will restore. The rest of the ship has been altered in many ways and is not recognisable, so there’s no real historic value in those areas.

Will the cabins be redesigned?

Yes, there is very little historical value there. We also looked at the engine rooms; the engines have no historical value because they were replaced in 1986 so we decided to take that space.

Then we looked at the funnel, which is fairly deteriorated, but we wanted to preserve it because it is iconic so we will remove it and within the precinct there will be a museum.

But naturally a ship needs a funnel, otherwise it doesn’t look like a ship, so we will build a replica and inside will be a very luxurious penthouse apartment.

What details can you release about the finished project?

Well, they are not all designed yet. This is conceptual. On the Palm Jumeirah we will have a precinct where the QE2 will take the centre stage.

The precinct will consist of two residential towers and the base of them will be a ‘D’-shaped building that will house the museum and an art exhibition area. It will have coffee shops and restaurants.

On the land bridge there will be a very luxurious low-rise development. The whole precinct will have very beautiful English gardens.

It will be very suitable to the QE2 and will celebrate the ‘British-ness’ of the project. On each side there will be a mega-yacht marina and the ship will be moored at the end of the land bridge.

There we will have proper gangways like a ship in port, although more extended, so people will have the feeling of walking onto a ship rather than having a building in front of it like you often see in cruise terminals.

The ship will have 200 luxury hotel rooms on the top area. There will also be 130 residential apartments with one-, two- and three-bedrooms.

On the front of the ship we will make use of the bow; there will be an indoor and outdoor wellness centre and spa. The precinct will take people back to the grand old days of tradition when people dressed up and showed off their jewellery. We want to do this in an authentic, non-theme park way.

How do you plan to avoid the reputation of being simply another novelty hotel?

As I said, it is easy to slip into a theme park model, so we have to keep on our toes to ensure everything we do we vet through our historians. These people pull us back and keep us on the right track.

What we envision is somebody going away to have a night out for a special occasion or a special weekend or function.

Maybe you’ll be able to book a package where you come on board, have a heritage tour and end up in a yacht club where there is an indoor and outdoor pre-dinner cocktail area.

You can have a sunset cocktail then follow it with a beautiful dinner and enjoy a wonderful West End-style show.

We will create a very luxurious West End-style theatre where every seat in the house will be a premium seat.

It will be intimate; small enough that you have a connection with your performers and yet the stage and the backstage will be big enough to put on lavish productions.

So you may have spent six hours from the late afternoon to the late evening and it has taken you back to an era that doesn’t exist anymore.

What do you see as the biggest challenges of the project?

The challenge now is to study the project carefully from every aspect, including outlining the physical plan to realise our vision. The reality is that this is an old ship that has been renovated many times and our engineers are now going onboard to look at the details.

The other challenges are making sure both the ship and the land sides are in harmony. We also want to further develop the QE2 brand.

Is this a unique project?

Yes – there is nothing like this in the world. There are other projects that have used the idea of having a ship as a hotel, but mostly they are museums that people can walk through and they have been kept completely preserved. This is very different.

What will your target market be?

We are targeting a very wide spectrum. Most ocean liners have a policy that you have to buy a full package to actually experience it, but in our case it will be very different because people can actually book for dinner or a theatre experience and they will see what the ship is all about. For some it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for others it will be their apartments.

Is it strange to set up this iconic piece of British history in Dubai?

Not at all because we think that Dubai is a very fitting place. Not only do British citizens comprise the largest expat community here, but Dubai and the UAE itself has such a strong maritime history. It’s a very proud nation of seafarers so it’s very fitting for us to have the QE2 here.

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