Dubai lanca medidas para economia de agua

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Increased demand for water and growing pressure on desalinated supplies have prompted Dubai Electricity Water Authority (DEWA) to call for more conservation.

Meanwhile. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, yesterday championed conservation in his opening address at the Water and Energy Technology and Environment Exhibition (Wetex), held at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, where DEWA said it was looking to build on the educational initiatives and regulations begun last year to help ensure that supply can meet increasing demand.

DEWA said 60 per cent of 2008’s consumption had come from the residential sector.

Amal Koshak, the utility’s senior manager of demand and tariff management, said simple changes in behaviour, like not leaving taps running, had significantly reduced water consumption. Nevertheless, she encouraged all water users to be responsible and play their parts in the conservation drive.

DEWA statistics released yesterday show that demand for desalinated water rose 10 per cent last year, to 88,405 million imperial gallons. The supply was 91,260m imperial gallons, with 4,064m from wells and the rest from desalination plants.

Although that indicates there was enough water to meet demand, over the past five years the increase in demand has outstripped supply.

Ms Koshak said the latest initiatives towards saving water would include a permanent conservation centre and an interactive display for children at Kidzania in Dubai Mall.

“They will then have to fix leaks and find a way to increase the water supply. It will be a fun exercise but also be a powerful way of showing the consequences of water wastage,” she said.

The moves follow incentives introduced last year including so-called slab tariffs for water under which the cost per gallon per household rises as consumption increases. This was followed by a campaign which aimed to demonstrate the consequences of wasting water.

Ms Koshak said the campaign had resulted in a 42 per cent saving at schools and a 43 % saving by government departments.

With 97 per cent of water sourced from desalination plants, one of the consequences of wasting water, combined with a growing population, was the need to build expensive, intrusive new plants along a coastline that is now earmarked for residential and leisure development.

“The only way of meeting increasing demand is to increase our capacity of desalinated water through building new plants. However, we hope that by focusing on education and developing a conservation culture we can balance out an increase in demand with less wastage, and therefore limit the number of new plants required,” Ms Koshak said.

After homes, the commercial sector is the next heaviest consumer, accounting for a quarter of the city’s water consumption. With huge projects such as Tiger Woods Dubai, Sports City and Dubailand due to be completed within five years, the water demand for the sector is bound to increase significantly.

However, DEWA has sought to limit the pressure on desalinated water supplies through regulations specifying that alternative water sources be used for irrigation or construction.

“We have been meeting developers and maintenance staff to provide some tips on how to reduce water use. Most major projects have their own district cooling plants and we have specified that these must source their water supply from seawater or sewerage treatment works. This will ensure that desalinated water is only used where necessary,” Ms Koshak said.

Sheikh Hamdan applauded the efforts by DEWA to reduce water and energy consumption among the general public. DEWA was directly involved in safeguarding the natural resources of the UAE and preserving the local environment, he said.

Sheikh de Dubai exige que RTA finalize projetos em tempo prometido

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is under pressure to complete two transport projects on time after Dubai’s ruler told the body to speed up construction, it was reported in Sunday.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum gave the order after reviewing a $380m project to upgrade and build bus depots and piers across Dubai.

He also called for the developments to fit in with Dubai’s urban look without compromising the environment, according to local media reports.

Bus stations in Al Qouz, Satwa and Karama will be modified, while the RTA also plans to either develop or refurbish bus depots at Al Aweer, Khuwaneej, Rawiyyah and Jebel Ali.

Meanwhile, the RTA is working on eight marine stations for transport via water buses and taxis along Dubai Creek as part of an AED100m ($27.2m) project.

Mattar Al Tayer, chairman of the RTA, said Dubai’s marine transport system ranked fifth in the world behind Bangkok, Istanbul, New York and Venice.

He added, the marine stations, at Shindagu near Heritage Village and Bastakiya close to the Ruler’s Court, would handle more than 26m passengers when finished.

The RTA was introducing at least 10 new ferries to cope with the expected increase in demand, he added.

They will initially operate on the creek before rolling out to other routes once the network is extended to the coast.

Designs for the stations had been drawn up and they would either carry traditional or modern decor, said Al Tayer, adding that the traditional interior would, if chosen, uphold Dubai Creek’s cultural identity.

“RTA is keen to ensure that all designs are compatible with the standards of green buildings, in implementation of the directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to make Dubai a green city,” Al Tayer added.

Al Tayer also said the 450 sq m, two-storey stations would have waiting areas and retail outlets with exits to nearby water buses and taxis.

Meanwhile, the bus stations and depots are expected to include restaurants, commercial outlets, footbridges and subways.

According to the RTA, Karama’s bus station will have capacity to handle 110 passengers an hour.

There will be 57 car parking spaces and space for five buses to pick up and drop off passengers every 60 minutes.

From: Arabian Business, march 23, 2009

Cirque du Soleil planejado no The Palm pela Nakheel continua de pe!

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CIRQUE PLEDGE: Nakheel says its plan to build a permanent home for the circus is still on, despite the global credit crisis. (Getty Images)

Master developer Nakheel has said its plan for a permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Dubai is still go ahead despite the global economic crisis.

Although initially set for the first quarter of 2010, the entertainment company is now scheduled to reside on Palm Jumeirah in 2012, Brett Judd, head of Entertainment and Leisure, Nakheel, said.

“As with any other company, [the financial crisis] has made us reassess our projects, but the show is going ahead,” he added in comments published by Emirates Business on Saturday.

Carmen Ruest, one of Cirque du Soleil’s creative directors told the paper: “The project is still on the table and we’re working on the concept at the moment in our studios on Montreal.”

The announcement comes two days after Cirque du Soleil’s second show in the UAE, Alegría, opened at the Ibn Battuta mall.

Nakheel first announced its exclusive multi-million dollar 15-year deal with Cirque du Soleil in May 2007.

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