The transformation of life in Dubai

Living and working in Dubai "A unique experience"


I came to Dubai, accompanying my husband on another professional challenge, I decided to adapt and live in the Middle East all the opportunities that were offered me to better understand the Arab world and its rich traditional culture.

As soon as I arrived, I found that actually live in a country where basically multi-racial traditions, modernity, globalization, reconciliation of races and beliefs coexist harmoniously.

As soon as we've had organized our family life into our new reality, I started to enjoy my free time to explore the city in all its aspects and possibilities. By that year, 2004, the Government of the UAE had chosen Dubai as a tourist destination and all expansion plans were in full boil. The Pharaonic designs and futuristic aspects of it so soon finished, began to attract thousands of tourists.

As part of these great plans, flights connecting Asia to South America, via Dubai were started ... that meant direct flights Dubai/Sao Paulo and with that, the flow of Brazilian tourists arriving in Dubai, increased very significantly.

As a result, we began to receive a lot of friends, which later came to request that I could hostess their friends coming Dubai, showing them the city in the peculiar and exclusive way, as I had shown them.

Thus I felt the need to improve, making it as professional as I could, attending courses and getting all needed official licenses to be able to offer my services to my customers at its best in terms of local culture, leisure, time optimization, comfort and exclusivity.

Therefore, I determined my working style, serving small groups and developing super customized programs.

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