About Dubai

It is‚ for sure the most popular, developed and modern of the 7 Emirates that determine the country and Abu Dhabi is the capital. Up to 1970 Dubai was just a pearl: fishing village; it is development began in 1966, when petroleum was discovered. Under Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum command Dubai quickly became a city over the desert‚ like a huge carpet on top of a land of sand.

A bit of History...

With formal records only dating back to the late 18th century, it''s obvious Dubai has come a long way since it‚ early days as a small fishing and pearl diving village. Despite the traditional activities of the past giving way to modern infrastructure and its new wealth being generated more from commerce, tourism and property than the oil you would expect; Dubai is one of the world‚ most exciting melting pots of cultures and 21st century surrealism. Taking centre stage to the biggest, tallest, longest and richest of everything, Dubai‚ popularity as both a business and tourist destination is without doubt second to none.

Bursting out of the sea and sand, Dubai is an unstoppable machine with its wealth extending far beyond the lands of the Gulf States. In 1971, Dubai along with five other emirates and a sixth in 1972, signed an agreement to create what is known today as the United Arab Emirates. Whilst the six other Emirates are following hard in the innovative footsteps of Dubai to build their tourism and commerce presence, Dubai has mustered interest and investments across the globe. Home to the only "seven star" hotel in the world, the tallest building in the world and the construction of several man-made islands, allegedly visible from space, Dubai is a tremendously exciting destination for the intrepid traveller. Whether you are looking for culture, fun, adventure or a place to make money, Dubai is an iconic statement of all the great things in life!

Favoured as the destination of choice in the Middle East, Dubai not only offers an enjoyable and safe place to stay, but liberal attitudes to what you drink and what you wear, as well as a cosmopolitan lifestyle make it extremely difficult to leave. That said, visitors must always be observant of local customs and cultures so as not to upset the traditional values of this proud nation.

Dubai is a city inhere contrasts converge, where East meets West. It''s a fast growing, vibrant city with vision inspired by it''s leaders to excel beyond modern rivaled sophisticated cities in the world!

With a population of barely a million and half residents, yet boasting more than six million visitors a year and growing, Dubai offers an unprecedented array of best in class hotels, recreation facilities and shopping malls of almost anywhere in the world. Top that with beautiful beaches, year round sunshine and a safe environment and you have the perfect getaway destination for the ideal holiday!


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